Twitter Marketing Ideas for Businesses

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Twitter continues to be a very useful and powerful tool for communication. The old euphemism, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” no longer applies online. On the Internet, it is who knows you. Twitter is the tool that allows many people to find you and get to know who you are. Here are a few tips to help your business leverage Twitter.

Use to find out what people are saying about you and/or your brand. Search.twitter is as close as it gets to knowing what people are thinking. People talk about all sorts of things online and on Twitter. With this search feature you can quickly get the pulse on any subject matter. After you find out what people are talking about you can start to engage in conversation with them. Add them as a friend or @reply to them with your thoughts. Twitter is the equivalent to the court of public opinion, so what they are saying is exactly how people feel. If what they are saying is inaccurate, help guide the conversation to some press releases or other info showing the falseness. *Don’t beat them over the head with the truth, simply help to show what is correct.

Use Twitter Direct Message on an individual basis

There are tons of programs and services out there that will allow you to send a messages to all of your followers at once. There are a few drawbacks to this approach most of which come from the impersonal approach of messages. People know when you are talking to them directly or if they are one of a hundred. Unless you are trying to get out an urgent message like 4 hours left of a sale, avoid using Twitter direct messages. Instead, send out a message with that person’s name and that you are there to engage in conversation with them, you are there to answer their questions, you want their business or whatever you are aiming to do online casino hacks but be upfront with them. Don’t switch and bait users with kind works and tons of ads.

Post Twitter updates consistently

If you are there to engage in conversation, do it. Even if you only post one or two things a day on Twitter, do it every day. You will establish a sense of time and commitment to the idea of open conversation and people will know that you are approachable and willing to participate. As your following grows, each of these posts will spark little conversations of their own, increasing the number of people who know you. The hardest part of having a business is keeping all eyes on you, the same is true online. When you stop posting and participating, so does your audience.

Sell on your site, not on Twitter

The best possible way to leverage Twitter for sales and visitors is to engage in conversation with those people. As trust and rapport build between you and others, you can safely direct them to your site or business offering them sales, promotions, discounts and so on. Do not stuff your twitter comments with affiliate links or direct people to spam sites. People will catch on quickly and stop listening to what you have to say. Nothing is wrong with promoting your own sites or services as long as you are being upfront and honest about it.

Update your Twitter background, picture and info

Nothing screams spam and fake more than a Twitter account with a stock Twitter background and thumbnail image. Take the few minutes to design a nice and consistent background and thumbnail to match your brand, this shows that you are taking Twitter seriously and are willing to invest time into it. Most spam accounts on Twitter have generic backgrounds and thumbnails and are much less likely be followed in return.

Have fun and be original

Be yourself. People can tell and they like it. I would rather 50% of people love me and 50% of people hate me, than to have 100% think I am OK. When you’re OK, you’re unremarkable. Don’t feel bad if you can’t follow everyone back and you ruffle a few feathers. It’s the same in real life as it is online. You can’t be everything to everyone. the newest way to Stumble Tweets on Twitter

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The other day I wrote a post about a different Twitter marketing idea where you can help automate your Twitter process via the Twitter Hummingbird Review. Here is another cool and interesting way to leverage Twitter and help automate the sharing of cool and relevant information. is the StumbleUpon for Twitter, tapping the Twitter API information to find tweets with links in whatever category you so desire.

Back in the day I used to love using the StumbleUpon toolbar to kill time at work and bounce around the web. With StumbleUpon, people submit articles for others to vote on whether or not they like what they see. Voting on StumbleUpon is done by giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The articles with the most thumbs-up votes will get more traffic from StumbleUpon.

stumbletweets home

As for, you can use it to find tweets that apply to you and not just some random web pages. If you are into marketing like myself and you search marketing on StumbleTweets you will be shown tweets with links that have marketing in them. Then you are finding and re-tweeting (RT) tweets related to your niche or likes and are able to one-click and share those with your followers.

StumbleTweets Toolbar

You can save a ton of time by using StumbleTweets’ one-click Follow and one-click RT features. Chances are if someone tweeted about a marketing topic or post he or she might be interested in the same thing as you. With one click you can follow the person who tweeted the post to begin with along with RTing the post again to your own followers. Again, you are saving time and managing all of these actions from the same spot.

StumbleTweet toolbar followed and RT'd

StumbleTweets RT and Follow

Search really specific things to RT to others. Want to just find some twitpics related to marketing? Or funny Craigslist ads? You name it, if it has a link the chances are great you can find it and RT it.

StumbleTweets search

If you are into saving time and RTing cool and interesting things to your followers, StumbleTweets is here for you. Try it out and if you don’t love it in a matter of minutes you get a full refund :)