Monster the Energy Drink company and their parent company Hansen Beverages has stirred up quite the hornets nest on the Internet recently by sending out a slew of cease and desist letter/emails to businesses running products/services with similar names as their Monster Problem Energy Drink (link contains N.S.F.W. language, post by Allyn Hane). One of these businesses is the Rock Art Brewery.

In the above video about my take of the Monster Energy Drink fiasco I make a couple of points. Here they are in recap:

  1. Monster is doing what businesses do every day and should be doing every day in order to stay relevant. If the shoes were flipped, Rock Art Brewery would be doing the same thing. This is evident by the fact they trademarked their beer to begin with.
  2. Monster and other businesses like them trying to protect their brand are going about things the complete wrong way. Hitting people over the head with a 2×4 is not the best way to get your way. People will either roll over and die, stand up and fight or watch the fireworks that ensue by doing either of these things.
  3. Monsters best bet at resolving the firestorm that has flared up around them is to get down and dirty and start righting the wrongs. The only way to do that is to treat people like human beings first, then hit them over the head with said 2×4 if an agreement can’t be reached. This approach would serve to limit huge amounts of bad press because you tried your best and that was the final outcome.

What can we learn from all of this craziness that is going and will continue to go on as long as people have super easy ways to communicate and spread ideas?

  1. Continue to do what businesses do and protect your interests so long as you…
  2. Treat people like humans and you’ll have less problems.
  3. Explore other options to reach the same conclusion.
  4. Tell people why you are doing what you’re doing.
  5. Then sic the law dogs on your competitor.

Now I am no lawyer and I am not offering any legal advice on whether or not this method screws something up, but I am sure it would probably work much better for all in the end.

What did you think of that awesome intro? That was courtesy of Steve Sherron and his amazing video skills. Be sure to stop by and check him out on his video blog Blogger Lens.