How do I know where to target my efforts online?

When I fist started blogging just about two years ago on I had no real idea on what I was going to talk about. I love business and I love marketing and eventually that became the theme of the posts I continued to write.

In the beginning I figured I would learn how to rank for keywords and then continue to do so. One of the first keywords I targeted was the term Unconventional Marketing. I thought the term was just what I was looking for as my starting point and target audience.

I eventually ranked for the term after trying for a couple of months and now I continue to hold the first spot in Google roughly two years later. For the record, I got most of my link love by changing the title on my site to the Unconventional Marketing Blog and then people continually linking to my site with that description. Pretty easy huh?

I recall when I showed up #1 for the first time. I wrote a post talking about being #1 for the term and how proud I was. Then a thoughtful commenter showed up and told me how my term sucked because according to all major sites, the term gets little or no traffic to speak of. Way to rain on my parade, right?

So I shuck it off and continued without much thought.

A few months later someone emailed through my site asking for me to develop a marketing plan and help them execute it for them. The deal turned out being a solid 5 figures and low and behold they found me through the term Unconventional Marketing. Crazy.

Not only was that one deal a success, but I have had 3 Online Pokies deals in the 5 figures result from that one search term… So much for no search traffic, huh?

What is the point of all of this rambling? Simple. Just because someone comes and rains on your parade about something you worked hard to get doesn’t mean that you should take what they say as fact or the law.

It also means keywords and search terms that get “little” or “no” traffic to speak of can result in large deals.

So many people get hung up on the numbers, how many people visit, how many page views, how many this, how many that and so on. Really the numbers are deceiving and can be manipulated pretty easily to give people what they want… more numbers. Instead, focus on what will help you reach your goal. Will 5 buyers get you closer to your goal? You bet. Can you find 5 buyers out of 10 visitors? You bet.

Before you think about keywords and how “little” traffic they get according to whatever source, realize that until you actually rank for the term, you’ll never know. I can tell you that people search and click on Unconventional Marketing about 3-4 times a day or 1,200 times a year. But out of those 1,200 visitors I’ve made a fair chunk of change. Get the point?

Try whatever you can and see the results for yourself. What if I had given up on the idea of unconventional marketing because some naysayers analyzed and determined I was wrong? What have you given up on because of others’ opinions? What do you think would be fun to try just for the sake of trying?

What is Unconventional Marketing?

Doing what the majority doesn’t and getting results…

Why You Should Video Blog

Here is a video blog post I did about Why I Video Blog (click to watch). I explain some of my motives and reasoning for video blogging and why I recommend you do the same. I am not bashing any other forms of blogging, just elaborating on why I think video blogging will be exploding more in the future as well as some other reasons for pursuing video over traditional blogging.

I will be releasing a part II titled something totally different like How to Get Started in Buy Viagra Video Blogging, or something lame like Video Blogging 101. JK. But really I think that video blogging is here to stay and will soon grow much more rapidly as mobile phones increase in power and Internet speeds.

I mention a few people in the above video. Here are their links:

Allyn Hane Video Blogger Extraordinaire

Griz and his Highly Effective Ways to Make Money Online

P.S. Like my awesome intro and credit? Ha, LMFAO! What can I say? If I can do it so can you!

How to get started in social media marketing

Here is a quick video I did in response to people asking about how to get started in social media marketing. More people are jumping on the bandwagon and wanted advice on how to get started.

My number one piece of advice is to find what you can do as far as participating in social media and then leverage the others to help promote Tramadol Online the area you excel in. Not everyone can write well, tweet well, do video well and you shouldn’t try to be the best in everything. I would find what you are good at and weave in all of the others social media/network areas.

Good luck and drop your comments questions below. I will do my best to point you in the right direction.