Recently, an image of a found Capital One Receipt stirred up a lot of attention online with roughly a balance of $100,000,000 on it. Someone withdrawing money from their bank account found the receipt of the previous person’s transaction. After finding the bank receipt with a ton of cash in the account, the person quickly decided to post a picture of their find online. 2.5 seconds later, the world is awash in Tweets, Facebook posts and the like of this “millionaire’s” account.

I personally call BS on this viral experience. It would be pretty easy for Capital One to use this as a clever marketing tool. After all, if someone trusts us with $100 million, why wouldn’t you trust us with $5,000? Not to mention, the photos of the receipt have the bank’s logo and web address all over, increasing brand awareness. The whole story, explanation and idea just seem a little too perfect in my world.

What are your thoughts?

Happy 4th of July everyone!