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Notice: This is a review of Hummingbird and is not intended to advocate any misuse of the program contrary to Twitter’s terms and agreement. This post also contains an affiliate link. So please, in your quest to make money, don’t forget where you heard about the program to begin with. On to the post…

Twitter is here to stay and becoming ever more important as a marketing tool. Twitter marketing isn’t anything new, but tools are propelling Twitter use to higher and higher levels. This post isn’t about how you should interact with Twitter members but rather how to get hundreds or thousands of followers.

The biggest goal of Twitter marketing is to get as many Twitter followers as possible in order to leverage those followers in conversation and conversion. A software called Hummingbird by Mesiab Lab’s is the best way I’ve found to manage my Twitter accounts. By using Hummingbird, I acquire the most followers without getting my Twitter account banned.

Hummingbird is a huge (HUGE) time saver and well worth the investment. The primary reason I started looking into programs like Hummingbird was due to the amount of time I was spending managing my Twitter accounts (be sure to follow me @therealjosh). Hummingbird has saved me hours and hours.

Here is a promo video (click to watch):


Hummingbird Review

Adding and managing multiple accounts

Hummingbird allows you to manage several Twitter accounts together. Adding in multiple accounts has never been easier. After your accounts have been added into Hummingbird, you can easily select which account you would like to work with by choosing from a drop down menu.


Following like-minded members

When I use Hummingbird to follow people on Twitter, I look for others who are like my target niche or myself. When I find a person with similar followers I have the option of selecting either his or her followers or the members he or she is following. Next I click the Follow All button and Hummingbird begins to follow every single person in those lists, including automatically forwarding to the next page and repeating the process. My guess is that you can automatically follow 1,000 Twitter members in 30-45 minutes.


Automatically unfollow Twitter members

Hummingbird has a great feature that allows you to easily unfollow all of those who either quit following you or never followed you back.

After I have waited 48-72 hours for people to follow me back after a Hummingbird follow run, I use the automatic Unfollow All feature to remove those who didn’t add me back. I wait a few days in order to give people time to see that I attempted to follow them and give them a chance to return the favor. I take into account that a lot of people only use Twitter at work and might be home during the weekend or on vacation.

Then I click on my own Following link through Hummingbird and select the Unfollow All button. This button works exactly the same as the Follow All button, just Online Casino in reverse. Hummingbird then goes through your Following list and unfollows all of those who either quit following you or never followed you back. If you have ever done this process manually it can take an eternity. Hummingbird takes care of this process for you while you sit back and watch the magic or work on something else.


Hummingbird’s built-in safety features

In order to not get your Twitter account banned or marked as spam, you should never hit the same people twice. Hummingbird remembers who you have followed and unfollowed in order to skip those members if you attempt to follow or unfollow again. This way you only ever follow or unfollow a person once unless you manually do it. You will see that these people show up as red, and the program automatically skips over them. (seen in the pic above)

Don’t worry about hitting your follow limit for your Twitter account. Hummingbird will not allow you to follow more than Twitter will allow. After you hit your maximum number of followers for that account, Hummingbird goes through the motions without adding to your following number.

Hummingbird’s VIP list

A lot of times you may want to follow a member because you like that person or he or she is really popular or whatever. You can add members to your account’s VIP list so Hummingbird won’t unfollow them even if they aren’t following you back. Depending on what your goal or target market is for your Twitter account, you may want to use this feature. I personally don’t use it much, but it is handy.


Hummingbird’s built-in Twitter search feature

The most impactful part of the Hummingbird software is the Twitter Search function. With the Search function you can drill down and get the most targeted search possible for your niche. After you have done a search, you can click a button to automatically follow all the people in that search result. You can even leave the program running so that it will continue to automatically follow new people as they meet that specified search. You are able to set up the most targeted Twitter search possible, then automatically follow those people while you sleep :).


I looked into programs like Hummingbird because of all the time I was wasting by managing my Twitter accounts. I ponied up the $200 for Hummingbird and haven’t looked back. I have easily saved that much in waited time. So no matter if you use my affiliate link or not, I have come out on top. I can now manage 4x as many Twitter accounts in 1/10th the time.

Hummingbird does offer an affiliate program that does pay out handsomely (approx $60 a sell). This explains the high cost of the program, but it only takes 3 sales to recover your initial investment into the program. I have already made my money back on the program and there is plenty of room to sell Hummingbird to other new and existing Twitter members. By using Hummingbird and pimping its affiliate program you can save time, but also make a profit.

Best of luck to killing it on Twitter and to your future Twitter marketing ideas. Also be sure to follow me at @therealjosh