Thirty days ago I started my Marketing Ideas En Masse trail to see what kind of results I could produce. Wow, am I amazed by the results of the test trial. Let’s dive into the numbers and see what we find.

Effects of a 30-day trial on search results

Before this trial I was averaging about 90 search engine hits a day and growing (slowly). About last week I started averaging 200 hits a day mostly from Google. So in 3 weeks I doubled my search engine traffic and it seems to be holding pretty steady. Some of my most successful posts are:

Each of these stories is more or less a new topic at the time of writing that I was able to take 1st or very near the top of the search engine due to their freshness in the search world.

How to beat out other blogs on a new topic

I have to admit that I had an advantage in taking the top positions on a number of these searches just by posting. I run a WP Plugin call Auto Social Poster on this blog that helps to automatically bookmark posts on sites like Delicious and Flurl. What happens is pretty simple. I hit publish and in a matter of 15 minutes I have a post with backlinks zooming to the top of the search engines. In the case of the search term Seth Godin Tribes I outranked Seth Godin’s site and for the first 24 hours. I am still just below them both.

Conclusion of 30-day trial

I view the trial run as a success where I am now getting twice the search volume daily than I was at the start of the trial. Another thing I realized is how important it is when boosting search traffic to blog about new things. With the amount of backlinks Auto Social Poster gets me from the start tends to carry the post on the first page of Google for a while. Without building more or better backlinks, those results will slide but at the same time so does the search volume. I will plan another 30-day trial soon and make it a little more daring. Have any ideas?