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New milestone in searches

Unconventional Marketing Search Stats

Today I had my 7,777th search engine query since I started using the Wassup WordPress Plugin. If you notice that in the first 12 days of December I have almost tied all of last month’s searches to my site. Pretty Cool. I can’t wait to see where I end up at the end of the month. I am guessing somewhere around 5,000 searches.

Funny Keywords I rank for

Here is a little list of some funny keywords I am ranking for. I used to do a Friday Funny post, which I haven’t done in a while so hopefully this makes up for it a bit.

I didn’t know I was such an inspiration for people to quit their jobs and doing something else. It has almost been a year since I quit my last job as a help-desk technician.

I find it funny sometimes how you can rank for some of the weirdest long tail keywords. I should really save some of the searches I see when they are funny and share them more often. Lindsay on That Mutt a Dog Blog ranks for some funny things as well.