*Update Tim Ferriss Trial by Fire had finally been published online. Now you can watch the full episode online for free. 1.8.10

The wait is over for everyone wondering if Tim Ferriss‘ new show Trial by Fire pilot will become a regular show on the History Channel. After watching the show last night I have no doubt that the History Channel will be adding Trial by Fire to its lineup. How could it not?

Reasons I believe Trial by Fire will become a History Channel show

  1. There was nothing else on last night
  2. As a History Channel buff, I believe the show will fit right in
  3. The challenges Tim chooses are hard
  4. It features exciting traditions and rituals few people know about like yabusame
  5. Tim’s ability to learn shortcuts to normally time-consuming skills
  6. Galloping horses, archery, fear, tradition and the possibility to get majorly hurt
  7. Buzz around the Internet including blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  8. Tim being the leader of his own tribe, resulting in a very passionate following
  9. Tim’s abstract thinking in problem solving
  10. The appeal of the History Channel bringing on an Internet sensation and the trapping that comes with it

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If you weren’t able to catch the show live last night, I am sure you can find a rerun somewhere. Possibly in the near future a video or two will be posted to YouTube or Google Video for more to see. As far as I can tell, History Channel.com hasn’t posted the video up for viewing although it really should. What were your thoughts of the show Trial by Fire, and do you think it will be turned into a series?