Update 1.8.10: Watch the full episode of Tim Ferris Trial by Fire on the History Channel Here

This is the nineteenth day of a 30-day trial. Follow the link to Marketing Ideas En Masse to find out more.

There are two things I love to watch on TV. One is the History Channel and the other is financial news. I don’t have TV to our townhome but I do watch some online on sites like hulu.com and Bloomberg. Bestselling author and now TV star Tim Ferriss is debuting on the History Channel this Thursday night in a pilot Trial By Fire. What this means is, if the show gets a lot of viewers and good ratings they will turn the show into a series.

What I recommend is to check the show out. It is based on the notion that Tim Ferriss has to learn an extremely hard or complicated skill set in the smallest time frame possible. Here is a video teaser and quote from Tim’s site:

The concept is simple: I have one week to attempt to learn what is usually learned over 5-20 years. I either crash and burn or survive by the skin of my teeth in a final test (trial by fire) each time.

If it’s made into a series, which depends entirely on viewership numbers on Thursday night, I’ll deconstruct a new complex skill each week. It will show you exactly how I approach learning, and no fake TV drama will be required to make the stakes real.

This episode was shot in HD in Tokyo and the mountains of Nikko, where I rolled the dice on Japanese horseback archery, or yabusame: full gallop, no hands, no safety gear, with wooden poles lining the track on either side of the horse. Please don’t do this at home. I had access to the best in the world, and you’ll get to see some never-before-seen footage of a rare and brutal samurai sport few non-Japanese have ever attempted.

I for one would think that this series would be a fun and interesting one to watch. If you are a fan of Tim Ferriss and would like to help promote his quest to be the next History Channel star I would highly recommend re-posting and sharing this with others.

Most of you know that I am a pretty big fan of Tim’s and have offered his book as prizes for contests and taken his advice to heart about contacting a famous person. I believe he is a leader in life-hacking and would also recommend his book to anyone.