Most bloggers know about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and readers. I would venture to say that most bloggers even subscribe to other bloggers’ RSS feeds. The real question is what do you subscribe to and why? Here is my list courtesy of Google (GOOG) Reader

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John Chow

When I first started reading blogs and doing blogging myself, John Chow was the first I subscribed to. I did learn a lot about the ways of the Internet and how not to make money like him. John Chow is a unique blogger in the sense he makes most of his money by telling people how he makes his money. Nevertheless, I stay subscribed because every now and then there are some gems of information that percolate to the surface.


The frequency of posts on this site can give a headache sometimes, but when you want to know about the latest and greatest computer hacks or web tips, this is the site. It even has its own book Upgrade Your Life (its second edition).


Jeremy Shoemaker made his fame after posting a huge check he had received from Google on his blog. Since then he has started other sites ( and and continues to have a one-up in the industry.

That Mutt – a dog blog

This is my girlfriend’s blog and a great resource for information about all types of dogs. If you have a dog or love dogs, this is a site you will want to bookmark.

Blogger Unleashed

Vic from Blogger Unleashed knows what he is talking about when it comes to building and promoting a website. He has generously offered his time and information freely to help others Make Money Online.


If you want to get into or grow in affiliate marketing, Paul Bourque is your guy. He makes a lot of money through affiliate marketing and is now offering his services to others. If you have read his blog for the last year, you have learned as much about affiliate marketing as you would if you paid to go to his Ubercamp.

How to make money online for beginners

Grizzly Brears teaches you how to make money online with Google Adsense. The information is free and so are the ways of making money. If you want to start making money online part-time at no cost to yourself, this is the blog for you.


The title speaks for itself. If you are interested in blogging or just starting out, you need to subscribe right away.


For those who haven’t heard of you should check it out. Max the creator has coded a system to easily categorize and hop your favorite bookmarks. Say you visit 300 Entrecard sites every day. Now you can bookmark those and just hit the hop button on the SiteHoppin Toolbar (code “JoshWhitford” if you want one). It is pretty slick. He is always developing something new and innovative.


A lot like Lifehacker above, offers a wide array of random information and technology hacks for all of your everyday devices. In fact, if you want to find some hacks for your Zune, just ask and I am sure he will list them out.


Seth’s Blog

If you want to learn about marketing, read everything Seth Godin says. I read his blog daily and I am often reading one of his books at any given time. Seth = Marketing.

How to Change the World

Guy Kawasaki’s blog offers a unique prospective on some different businesses. He gives great insight into the world of venture capitalism and business investing. If you want to get financial backers for your business, this is the guy to listen to.

The Daily Reckoning

One of my hobbies is investing and reading about market conditions. If you want to learn about the Federal Reserve system and the crazy printing of money and how that equates to high consumer prices, then this is the site for you.

Inside Adsense

When you start making money online, the first spot everyone goes is straight to Google Adsense. This blog, updated and hosted by Google, gives you new information as made available. When you learn that Google starts offering third-party ads you can be the first to monopolize that information into a real revenue source.

Dr. Housing Bubble Blog

If you want to know all there is to know about housing marketing and the crisis, this is the only blog you will need. I have followed this for the last year+ and can’t say enough about the invaluable information provided here.


Weight Lifting 101: The Definitive Guide to Weight Lifting

In the last few months, I got back into lifting weights (not that I was a muscle head or anything), but still find good tips about good lifting techniques and better lifts. If you can achieve the same results by lifting properly and in less time, then by all means read more…


StrongLifts is also another weightlifting / exercise blog I subscribe to. It has very good tips, and I would again highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into lifting or back into the gym.


Get Rich Slowly

The title couldn’t be more true. If you follow sound investing and debt reduction principles, you will not only grow personally but financially.

The Simple Dollar

Another great investing and money blog. I used to struggle with finances, but with blogs like these, along with financial books, I made a turnaround and now am on the up slope of wealth building.

Steve Pavlina

This is the first personal development blog I subscribed to and it changed my life. Steve Pavlina was the first to open my eyes to value and self worth. This was the inspiration for me to quit my job and set out on my own.

The Blog of Tim Ferriss

Tim is the author of the Bestseller book, The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, which is worth reading over and over again. Learn about lifestyle design and how to live the life you want or how to contact someone famous like Warren Buffett.