marcus.gifActually, this post was written by myself, but I know the title is fitting for this blog. Marcus Hochstadt has been working online since 2003 when his former company was downsized (see post here for 10 reason to quit your job). After his abrupt job less, he turned around and focused his talents as a sale manager towards niche marketing, video demonstrations and of course, his blog.

This is one of the few blogs I know simply exists because of his love for sharing information as well as networking with others. It truly makes a big difference to learn from another who is sharing for the sake of sharing vs. trying to earn money from me directly via sales or affiliate programs. I don’t even mind when he injects personal opinions and faults into his posts. Here is a quote from the post How to Save 2 Hours a Day.

Plan the next day the night before — Before going to bed, go over your daily planner for the next day.  The mind is amazing at accomplishing goals, and while you’re sleeping it will be working everything out to save even more time and increase productivity. This 10th tip is well worth a separate post as it can give you another 2 hours per day. So stay tuned!

I love this tip and am glad he saved it for last spot on his list of 10 ways to save time. It is amazing how even spending just 5 minutes the night before collecting and organizing your next day’s thoughts will ultimately produce amazing results.

Even while searching his blog for past articles, I was amazed by some of the things I learned that I had never thought of before. For instance, you won’t find an RSS feed counter on his blog (Why I Do Not Use FeedBurner). There is a reason behind that, mostly related to the fact that at any one moment, that could all disappear. It had never really occurred to me that if FeedBurner did like my blog or my subscription base for some reason, it could simply shut it off. I think I would rather be safe than sorry. Maybe it’s time to explore the world of newsletters in addition to FeedBurner.