I will make this sort and sweet. I spent the last week moving out of one apartment and into another. I am sure most everyone who reads this has moved at some point and understand the labor intensive work that goes along with such activities.

Sitehoppin Toolbar was released. I have a few invite codes if you would like to try it out. Each time Max releases a new version of the toolbar, you can use the same invite link and code to download the newest version. The toolbar is only being given to 1,000 beta testers and 3/4 are left, so don’t hesitate.

I am going to be cutting back on the video posts for now and mostly stick to using videos for tutorials and guides. I feel that they have been a good success and will continue to do some posts in video form. The 10-day trial netted me about 15,000 video views. Overall, a success, I would say.

Current projects:

I am reviewing / interviewing 1-2 marketing blog each day for the next week, as well as interviewing the CEO of a local capital investment firm. I am continuing to build and promote a number of sites in various forms of construction.

Goals and achievements:

I love goals, and since April has ended, I will be revisiting those. I achieved one of the goals on my list and others that weren’t on my list. I’ll start with those. This last week Google released a new update of Page Ranks for websites and blogs. I was completely blown away that the first ever Page Rank for joshwhitford.com was 4. Not only was my blog given a PR4, but so was www.thatmutt.com. Last month I spent a lot of time building backlinks for both our blogs, and it sure seemed to help with our page rankings.  

Another cool happenings actually occurred yesterday on Tim Ferriss’s blog. He had posted about meeting Warren Buffett, the world’s richest person according to Forbes. Some might recall that around Christmas time I sent a letter and postcard to Warren Buffett. I posted a comment on Tim’s blog to which he approved and then included in another post about Becoming an Eco Bounty Hunter. I am pretty excited about all of that and had a great time reading the flood of new comments on my blog. When I woke up this morning I had 10 new RSS subscribers. Yay!

At the time of posting my goals for the month of April, I was completely on the fix that traffic means success, I now know a little better and have focused my efforts on gaining true readers and subscribers. My goal was to have 75,000 page views to which I received 54,657. I also made it my goal to be under 90,000 on Alexa. I was pretty confident that would take place until its new algorithm was released and put a kibosh on that. Now I am at 197,672, such is life. Another goal was to reach 160 RSS readers, and I am currently standing at 134. Another goal was to get a Technorati  authority of 200 with a rank under 100,000. I did get a rank of 77,789 and an authority of 106. This is also my 75th day of blogging, not bad for just a couple of months.

What a great week, and I can’t wait to see what yet another week brings. Until next time work smarter, not harder.